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The story of THUNDER ROAD’s Chilli Sauce series begins back in 2011 when the idea of making sauces was only thought about and occasionally made, but it was never rushed to get THUNDER ROAD onto the market. It was not until 2014 when steps were taken to bring this original range of chilli sauces to the consumer. One of the most important key factors and on which we took oath on was that all THUNDER ROAD chilli sauces had to be made from only pure chilli. This ment no vegetables could be used to boost the body of the chilli sauce and most important NO CHILLI EXTRACTS used, which we viewed here at THUNDER ROAD HQ as cheating.


This was no easy undertaking, creating an original chilli sauce and at the same time making it taste great. To achieve this the team at THUNDER ROAD head quarters had to use a variety of secret spices and a range of exotic chillies like extreme nagas, red rockets, Jalapenos and more to create this original series. This not only resulted in the series having a great original line up of chilli sauces, but would also result in THUNDER ROAD’s versatility in it’s usages too. After successfully creating the sauces the next task was how many types there should be and then coming up with awesome names and designs for each one.


The final result was a THUNDER ROAD range that would consist of six original chilli sauces or as the team would call them “the six shooter collection”. The team would from then on pour all their skills, creativity and energy into only these six great chilli sauces sticking to a cooking method of no compromise to it’s formula.


The team at THUNDER ROAD head quarters hopes you will enjoy using its chilli sauces as much as we have enjoyed creating them for you. And as we say to all our loyal customers and new,




Alexander Mustang,

Founder of THUNDER ROAD Chilli Sauces.

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